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General introduction

An Giang Vocational College is under the management of the People's Committee of An Giang Province, established on the basis of being merged and upgraded from An Giang Economic - Technical High School and An Giang Vocational School under the Decision No. 193/QD-BLDTBXH on January 31, 2007 of the Ministry of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs.

An Giang Economic - Technical High School was built in 1962. The first course at the school was in the academic year 1964-1965, at that time the school's name was An Giang Technical High School with the function of training. technical workers and technical secondary schools. After the South of Vietnam was completely liberated, the school was assigned to conduct technical vocational training with many different names. In 1998, the school was named An Giang Economic - Technical High School. In the past years (from 1998 to 2007), the school trained nearly 6000 students with professional intermediate level and over 2000 students of skilled technical workers at job level 3/7 and associated training in college and university levels... and over 70% of graduates had jobs in trained majors, better meeting the needs of the local socio-economic development.


With outstanding achievements, in the past years, An Giang Economics and Technology School continuously achieved: the Excellent advanced title and the Certificate of Merit from the People's Committee of An Giang province from 2002-2006; the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister in the academic year 2003 and the 3rd Class Labor Medal by the State.


An Giang Vocational School was established under the Decision No. 874/QD-UB-TC dated April 15, 2002 of the Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee. The school started enrolling in the first year from the 2003 school year and had trained more than 1000 skilled technical workers at jobs level 3/7. In addition, the school also provided short-term training to grant vocational certificates to more than 2500 rural labors, ethnic minority students with many professions in line with the social needs such as: industrial garment, motorcycle repair, electricity, civil electronics, civil refrigeration, civil engineering, welding, turning, computer repair and installation, graphics…. After graduation, over 74% of students had jobs. Especially, 17 students were recruited to work in Korea.


The teaching staff are standardized in pedagogy, fostered and updated scientific and technical knowledge and advanced technology. Modern facilities, equipment are available, machinery is increasingly being added, which meet the needs of teaching and learning. Over the past years, the school has received 02 Certificates of Merit from the People's Committee of An Giang province and is recognized as a School of Culture..

Under the close attention and direction of relevant ministries and branches and the direct direction of An Giang Provincial People's Committee, in the coming time An Giang Vocational College will aim at the following main objectives:

– Training the workforce at working age with technical and occupational skills up to college level in the fields of occupation in charge by the school in order to provide the workforce in line with the needs of state agencies, production and business facilities and meet the needs of international cooperation and integration.

– Associating training with multi-disciplines and training systems (on-the-job training, distance-based training…) to meet learners’ requirements and local socio-economic development.

- Maintaining the quality of training, innovating teaching and learning methods, promoting students' creative thinking and self-study ability. Maintaining the educational discipline, practicing ethics and behavior, strictly observing the school rules, observing well the regulations and discipline in studying and in exams. Focusing on training practical skills, forming practical capacity after graduation to meet the needs of the society.

- Setting up the teaching staff growing in quantity and quality to meet the school’s development requirements. Attracting more teachers in key fields as well as newly opened majors. Strengthening scientific research, applying new teaching methods and teaching equipment to lectures...


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Phone: 02963.953,739 (Administration Department) - 02963.852.538 (Admissions Department)

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